Home Energy Conservation Contractor Training

AC/C TECH now offers three different courses for the Indiana Home Energy Conservation Contractor Training program
(Click the links to view the course syllabus).

Wx101 - General Contractor Training
Wx102 - HVAC Contractor Training
Wx103 - Building Shell Contractor Training

These courses are designed for individuals who possess a background in energy efficiency, or HVAC, or residential construction, and have an interest in contract work with the State of Indiana Home Energy Conservation Program. These course are available both online and in-classroom; however, twenty (20) hours of in-class training is mandatory which can be completed in 2½ days at various locations throughout the state.

By the end of the program, the students/contractors will have acquired the necessary knowledge to make repairs and improvements deemed necessary by individual energy audits; also, they will possess a firm understanding of energy saving tips which can be shared with residents. Once contractors have finished this training, they will be granted a one year subscription to the AC/C TECH online technical support database which contains step-by-step repair procedures for HVAC equipment, appliance repair, interior and exterior building maintenance, tips to improve indoor air quality, the weatherization field guide, forms, work procedures, instruction manuals, and more.

As contractors for the State’s Energy Conservation Program, individuals will work in conjunction with state-selected Home Energy Conservation service providers and aid in helping low-income, elderly and disabled residents throughout the state to make their homes more energy efficient.

These courses are open to contractors and their employees, independent contractors, and employees of state-selected Home Energy Conservation service providers at no cost. Minority participation is highly encouraged. All applicants must undergo a background check.

For additional information click these links:
  »  Indiana Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP)
  »  ARRA Administrators
  »  Recommended Tools, Test Equipment, and Materials

To enroll follow these steps:

  1. Complete the Barada and Associates criminal background check.
    Note: Your unique background check verification number is required to complete the registration process.
  2. Create an AC/C TECH Student Account. Evaluate the training schedule listed above, decide which HEC class/date is preferred, and type that course number in the form (for example Wx101-52).  Don’t forget to enter your company name and the Barada and Associates reference code. If you already have an AC/C TECH account, simply Login Now, and edit your account information. It must include your address, phone number, and unique background check verification number.
  3. Register for a Class.
    Follow the step-by-step bullet instructions listed below to complete your registration.

    • Login to the AC/C TECH Training Center (it will take you to the Account Dashboard).
    • Click the link "Register for a Class" (which is located inside the gold PLEASE SELECT box).
    • Scroll down until you see the gold “HOME ENERGY CONSERVATION CONTRACTOR TRAINING” box, then click the pull-down menu and select the class/date of your choice.
    • Click “Add to Cart”, and then, “Begin Check Out”.
    • Submit your student registration information (answer all questions).
    • Complete the digital signature, and finally, click the “I Agree” button.  Your registration is now complete!

All registrations are “pending” until IHCDA has reviewed the background check and approved the registration.  You will receive an email notifying that your registration has been approved.

For program eligibility questions please call:
IHCDA (Indiana Housing Community Development Authority)
317-232-7777 or 800-872-0371