Residential & Apartment Technology AAS Degree Program

AC/C Tech Apartment Technology AAS Program

Associate of Applied Science Degree

The Residential & Apartment Technology AAS Degree Program is designed to help students develop the knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary for performing building maintenance, and diagnosing and repairing equipment. Specifically, the students will develop HVAC skills, plumbing, electrical skills, grounds skills, interior/exterior building maintenance skills, appliance repair skills, plus more. Students will also understand the upkeep and maintenance required at a property in order to maintain its curb appeal and will be able to restore vacant apartment units to a “market ready” condition and in a timely manner.

Required Technical Courses (38.4 Credits)
GEN102 - Basic Electricity
HEA101 - Electric Furnace Maintenance
HEA102 - Gas Furnace Maintenance
HEA103 - EPA Technician Certification
HEA104 - Air Conditioning Maintenance
HEA105 - Heat Pump Maintenance
PLU101 - General Plumbing Maintenance
PLU102 - Advanced Plumbing Maintenance
ELE101 - General Wiring Maintenance
ELE102 - Advanced Wiring Maintenance
ELE103 - Aluminum Wiring Maintenance (workshop)
INT101 - Grounds, Scenery & Curb Appeal
INT102 - Outdoor Amenities
INT103 - Exterior Building Maintenance
INT104 - Interior Building Maintenance
INT105 - Final & Inspection (workshop)
APP101 - Range Maintenance (Gas & Electric)
APP102 - Refrigerator Maintenance
APP103 - Dishwasher Maintenance
APP104 - Washer Maintenance
APP105 - Dryer Maintenance
Elective Technical Courses (7 Credits)
GEN101 - Careers in Apartment Maintenance
GEN102 - Basic Electricity
GEN103 - Self Management
GEN104 - Supervision
HEA201 - Worst Case Draft Testing
INT201 - Uniform Physical Inspections
INT202 - Mold Remediation
SWI101 - Swimming Pool and Spa Codes
SWI102 - Swimming Pool and Spa Opening
SWI103 - CPO (Certified Pool Operator)
SWI104 - Swimming Pool and Spa Closing
General Education Coursework (15 Credits)
TBD - To Be Determined by Student

There are no prerequisites… but we recommend that students pursue the courses as sequenced in the technical certificate programs, and mainly because, the set of courses are designed to build upon each other.

AC/C TECH utilizes the Carnegie clock-to-credit hour conversion for academic purposes; and therefore, the following is a breakdown of our AAS Degree program:

AAS Degree
Residential & Apartment Technology
Clock Credit Clock Credit Clock Credit Clock Credit
HVAC Maintenance 120.0 8.00 60.0 2.00 90.0 2.00 270.0 12.0
Plumbing Maintenance 40.0 2.66 20.0 0.66 30.0 0.66 90.0 4.0
Electrical Wiring Maintenance 41.0 2.73 21.0 0.70 34.5 0.76 96.5 4.2
Interior/Exterior Building Maintenance 81.0 5.4 41.0 1.36 64.5 1.43 186.5 8.2
Appliance Repair 100.0 6.66 50.0 1.66 75.0 1.66 225.0 10.0
Technical Electives 70.0 4.66 35.0 1.16 52.5 1.16 157.5 7.0
General Education N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 15.0
Totals 452.0 30.11 227.0 7.54 346.5 7.67 1025.5 60.4

AC/C TECH understands there are many factors that can prevent students from completing a long-term educational plan; and therefore, this program is setup to guide students through smaller educational plans (such as technical certificate programs) that can rollover into earning the AAS Degree without penalty. Therefore, students are guided through Technical Certificate Programs in order of importance: [1] HVAC Maintenance, [2] Plumbing Maintenance [3] Electrical Wiring Maintenance, [4] Interior/Exterior Building Maintenance, and [5] Appliance Repair.

Afterwards, they complete the training by pursuing technical electives and general education courses. The general education coursework may include natural and physical sciences (mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, etc.); social and behavioral sciences (psychology, sociology, history, geography, economics, etc.); humanities and fine arts (English, written and oral communication, literature, foreign language, etc.).

Upon completion of this program, the student will be able to:

  • Obtain a fulltime job in the residential and apartment maintenance industry.
  • Identify and repair HVAC equipment, plumbing systems, electrical systems, interior/exterior building components, and major appliances.
  • Explain the upkeep and maintenance required at a property to maintain its curb appeal.
  • Inspect and restore vacant apartment units to a “market-ready” condition.
  • Develop professional documentation of tasks completed and customer relation skills.
  • Solve job assignments within industry standards and governmental regulations.
  • Earn the AAS Degree in Residential & Apartment Technology and be prepared for the next promotional opportunity.

AC/C Tech Apartment Technology AAS ProgramGraduates will be awarded the AAS Degree in Residential & Apartment Technology, and EPA Technician Certification as approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Admission standards for our AAS Degree program involves earning a high school diploma or a recognized equivalent certificate. Evidence of that credential must be maintained in the student’s private account.

Academic Calendar

Students are assigned one course monthly until graduating from the program. No courses will be assigned during the months of June, July, and August because administrators from the apartment industry prefer 100% participation towards restoring vacated apartment units during summer months. In contrast, if a student fails a course, he/she may retake the course during June, July, and August. This waiver allows everyone to remain on schedule towards pursuing subsequent courses and graduating together.

The table below represents how a typical student will progress through the program.

  2023 2024 2025 2026
January HEA101
Electric Furnace Maintenance
Aluminum Wiring (workshop)
Dryer Maintenance
February HEA102
Gas Furnace Maintenance
Grounds, Scenery & Curb Appeal
Technical Elective 1
March HEA103
EPA Technician Certification
Outdoor Amenities
Technical Elective 2
April HEA104
Air Conditioning Maintenance
Exterior Building Maintenance
Technical Elective 3
May HEA105
Heat Pump Maintenance
Interior Building Maintenance
Final & Inspection (workshop)
Technical Elective 4
September PLU101
General Plumbing Maintenance
Range Maintenance
General Education
October PLU102
Advanced Plumbing Maintenance
Refrigerator Maintenance
November GEN101
Career Opportunities in Apartment Maintenance
(provisional course)
General Wiring Maintenance
Dishwasher Maintenance
December GEN102
Basic Electricity
Advanced Wiring Maintenance
Washer Maintenance

Tuition & Fees

Item Description Cost
Required Technical Courses $4,900.00
Technical Elective Courses $1,000.00
General Education Coursework TBD
Required Books Troubleshooting and Repairing Major Appliances - 3rd Edition
by Eric Kleinert ISBN 978-0-07177018-7

National Electrical Code by NFPA
ISBN: 978-145591277-3 (SB Print)
ISBN: 978-145591278-0 (LL Print)$118.95

Electrical Wiring Residential - 18th Edition
Based on the 2017 NEC by Ray C. Mullin$80.00

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Technology - 8th Edition
by Whitman, Johnson and Tomczyk
ISBN 13: 978-130-557-8296$163.75

The Complete Photo Guide To Outdoor Home Improvement
by Black & Decker
ISBN 1-58923-043-4$69.90

The Complete Photo Guide to Indoor Home Improvement
by Black & Decker

Plumbing – Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Projects
by Creative Homeowner Press

National Fuel Gas Code
by American Gas Association
Uniform Plumbing Code
by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials

Pool/Spa Operators Handbook - 2017 Edition
by National Swimming Pool Foundation

Indiana State Board of Health Rule 410 IAC 6-2
Swimming and Wading Pool Operation
Required General Tools Plastic tool box with lock, 25 ft. tape measure, 16 oz hammer, utility (box) knife, 15" utility bar, Phillips & standard screw driver set, 6 in 1 screw driver, 12" adjustable wrench, 12" channel locks, 10" slip joint pliers, 10" vice grips, torpedo level, 8” needle nose pliers, 8” lineman pliers, wire strippers, wire rippers & gauge, GFI receptacle tester, 6" drywall taping knife, and hand sander or sanding block.$198.43 $3,133.66
Required Specialty Tools VOM meter - fused protected, [2] pocket thermometers range -10EF to 250EF, manifold pressure gauge set, 1/4” refrigeration service wrench, telescopic inspection mirror, furnace brush, cordless drill & bits, hand torch, basin wrench, basket wrench, plug wrench, PO wrench, seat wrench, stem puller, set of tub sockets, socket to remove an electric water heater element, and tubing benders.
Required Safety Equipment Rubber and Cloth Gloves, Sewer Machine Gloves, Eye Protection, and Dust Masks
Uniforms Recommended $800.00
  Total Cost $10,755.79

Note: Students are responsible for acquiring books, tools, and supplies. Acquiring uniforms is optional. The fees are based on pricing from Menards website, however, the items can be obtained from any source. There are no other fees.

Students enrolled in the AAS Degree are required to complete 15 semester credits of “General Education Coursework” from any recognized accredited institution. Examples of general education courses include natural and physical sciences (mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, etc.); social and behavioral sciences (psychology, sociology, history, geography, economics, etc.); humanities and fine arts (English, written and oral communication, literature, foreign language, etc.). AC/C TECH does not control tuition and fees at other institutions, and therefore, those expenses must be determined by the student. However, we recommend Ivy Tech Community College because they offer easy online enrollment, online training, and fair tuition at $149 per semester credit. Ivy Tech also offers payment plans. Students can take advantage of those options by paying a $30 non-refundable setup fee, and their credit card processing fee is 2.85%. When calculated, 15 semester credits of general education through Ivy Tech cost $2,235.00. When added to our technical course fees, the student’s total cost is $12,990.79 to earn the AAS Degree. The only remaining cost is associated with obtaining books for general education courses.

There are no other fees… AC/C TECH does not offer discounts, nor waivers.
AC/C TECH reserves the right to increase tuition and fees without notice.