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Enrollment Options and Tuition Fees

Payment Code
Courses Only
  • Tuition/Course$250.00
  • EPA Technician Certification$150.00
  • Tuition/Workshop$75.00
Technical Certificate Programs Tuition Books Tools/Supplies Uniforms* Total Cost
$1,500.00 $163.75 $439.07 $160.00 $2,262.82
$500.00 $254.83 $603.55 $160.00 $1,518.38
$1,075.00 $69.90 $1,114.95 $160.00 $2,419.85
$575.00 $198.95 $293.95 $160.00 $1,227.90
$1,250.00 $174.75 $682.14 $160.00 $2,266.89
$1,000.00 $59.95 $439.07 $160.00 $1,659.02
AAS Degree Program Tuition Books Tools/Supplies Uniforms* Total Cost
$7,150.00 $972.13 $3,572.73 $960.00 $12,854.86


Students are responsible for acquiring books, tools, and supplies. Acquiring uniforms is optional. The fees are based on pricing from Menards website, however, the items can be obtained from any source. There are no other fees.

If yes, AC/C TECH offers a Standard Promissory Note to satisfy enrollment fees. Students have an option of repaying the loan in “Lump Sum” or “Installments”. If Installments are desired, you have an option of making payments on a weekly basis, or pay period basis, or monthly basis. As long as you make regularly scheduled payments, no interest will be applied. When payments are not made pursuant to the scheduled timeline, AC/C TECH will apply a $25.00 late fee for each occurrence.

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