The instructional staff consists of individuals who have an enormous amount of experience in teaching and helping others. They also have experience in diagnosing and repairing equipment and have worked in the building and maintenance trade for 10 years or more, or have earned a degree in the trade, or have earned a license in the trade. Some staff members also maintain a professional relationship with other institutions and/or governmental agencies. Most importantly, all provide training of the highest quality, encourage cooperation and team work, demonstrate efficiency and productivity, promote good work ethics, and exhibit hard work. Simply stated, this type of guidance will have a lifelong effect toward helping students achieve their educational objectives.


IT Consultant

Mr. Goze is responsible for the automation and security of all computerized records. Those include the application for admission, release of information form, transfer of credit form, enrollment agreement, account receivables, learning resources, student lab assignment uploads, student OJT assignment uploads, student transcript uploads, student credential uploads, professional development enrollments, student resume postings, etc. He has accumulated more than 25 years of Programming and Information Technology experience. Mr. Goze earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Engineering from Purdue University.

BRIAN Stuckey

Director of Education

Mr. Stuckey is responsible for curricula design and development, course updates/revisions, online training, utilization of various technologies to encourage student participation, student learning and assessment, management of web-meetings, student achievements, adjunct instructor oversight & professional development, and marketing. Mr. Stuckey has 29 years of experience in electrical engineering and technology. He works for an engineering group specializing in automated controls used in industrial and commercial environments. This includes manufacturing automation involved with conveyors, robots, and machine processes, as well as commercial building control utilizing security systems, lighting, and climate control. In addition, he owns, operates, and maintains single and multifamily rental properties. Mr. Stuckey earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University.



Mr. Moorman is responsible for general oversight and governance of the institution, including but not limited to our mission, goals, institutional policies, student policies, admissions policies, refund policies, collection policies, staffing, student enrollment, job placement, financial management, marketing, contract negotiations, accreditation, and institutional effectiveness. His duties also include teaching appliance repair, electrical maintenance, heating and air-conditioning, and various technical electives. Mr. Moorman has 11 years of experience in engineering and technology and 35 years of teaching experience at a post-secondary level. Mr. Moorman earned an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Mechanical Drafting Design Technology, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering & Technology, and Master’s Degree in Business Administration.