Facility, Equipment and Supplies

AC/C TECH can assure relevant and quality training; mainly because, all training materials align with industry standards, governmental regulations, manuals produced by equipment manufacturers, current textbooks, technical publications, technological advancements, newspaper articles, YouTube videos, and OSHA standards.

Once again, all AC/C TECH training programs are structured so that students can pursue online training followed by actual work assignments; and for that reason, there will be sufficient equipment for students to master. The machinery and equipment that will be used for actual work assignments is maintained by the employer and within standards viewed as “Market Ready for Leasing”.

Insofar as the AC/C TECH facilities, we maintain a 50'x24' building which houses one general classroom, a model living area, mechanical room, restroom, and a storage area for equipment and supplies.

  • The general classroom has one 90% plus gas furnace, two 80% single pipe gas furnaces, one 70% single pipe gas furnace, two electric furnaces, two R22 air conditioners, two R410 air conditioners, one R22 Heat Pump, and one R410 Heat Pump.
  • The model living area is equipped with a five burner gas cook-top with a duel electric convection oven, a 3-speed powered vent hood, dishwasher, and refrigerator.  Also, this area contains a library.  There are 273 standard textbooks, numerous reference materials, and approximately 35 instructional videos.  Most of those textbooks are technical in nature and directly related to residential and apartment maintenance.  Of the 273 textbooks, four are required for the AAS Degree program.
  • The mechanical room (Combustion Appliance Zone) has a gas water heater, washer, gas dryer, and a 90% single pipe gas furnace connected to a heat pump.
  • The restroom has a toilet, sink, shower, exhaust vent, and all the normal fixtures.
  • The storage area contains various supplies and major equipment such as four additional 70% single pipe gas furnaces, three additional electric furnaces, three additional condensing units, and three additional evaporator coils.

In short, this facility is equipped to do almost every test imaginable to help students develop specific skills and build a career as an apartment maintenance technician.