Course/Program Catalog

AC/C TECH published this catalog to inform students about our Mission, Goals and Objectives, Recognition, Hours of Operation, Administrators, Legal Control, Faculty, Academic Calendar, Technology Requirements, Confidentiality and Privacy Policies, Course/Program Listings with Program Outcomes, Course Descriptions, Admissions Criteria, Academic Progress Policy, Transfer Credits, Acceptance of Transfer Credit Disclosure Statement, Grading Policy, Student Code of Conduct, Non-Academic Dismissal Policy, Complaint/Grievance Policy, Student Identity Verification, Non-Discrimination Policy, Graduation Requirements, Academic Policies and Procedures, Student Services, Other Policies, Tuition/Fees, Refund Policy, Financial Assistance, and Counseling/Placement.

Students should become familiar with the content, and be able to use it as a resource. Every effort has been made to ensure its accuracy; however, this Catalog is not intended to be a contract, nor should it be construed as a contract.

AC/C TECH reserves the right to change the content without notice.

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