Admission/Tuition & Fees/Cancellation/Refund Policy


AC/C TECH will admit candidates interested in maintenance technology, likely to complete their educational objectives, and suited for employment at the end of the training. To reach this status, candidates are required to meet the following standards:


NON-DEGREE PROGRAMS: There are no prerequisites or entrance exams for candidates making enrollments into Courses only or Technical Certificate programs. It should be noted that provisions can be made for special needs in reading and/or completing exams.

DEGREE PROGRAMS – UNDERGRADUATE: Students enrolling in the AAS Degree program must have a high school diploma or equivalent. An official transcript or evidence is required. If a student wishes to transfer credits from another institution, an official transcript from that institution must be provided. Students who are homeschooled or attend an alternative school should submit credentials that demonstrate equivalent levels of achievement and ability.


All candidates must commit to the AC/C TECH Honor Code. The Honor Code defines the ethical spirit in which students must work. This policy was implemented because maintenance technicians are required to complete assignments in occupied units while the resident is away. This will assure that all residents and their property are respected and that all work-orders are completed in a professional manner. So, in short, all candidates must commit to:

  • Personal responsibility
  • Academic honesty and integrity of work
  • Moral respect for everyone and their property
  • Ethical concern for the good of AC/C TECH and the good for our students


Prior to course enrollments, potential candidates are required to submit an acceptable form of identification. That may include a valid driver’s license, or governmental identification card, or passport, or military identification. Students are also required to submit the necessary documentation that meets admission requirements; e.g.:

  • Enrollment Agreement
  • Student Educational Plan
  • Student Behavior Policy
  • Drug and Smoking Policy
  • Physical & Health Requirements
  • Release of Information Form


Part of AC/C TECH’s Mission is to recruits students according to job demands of employers. Once recruited, the student will be assigned to one of the employer’s property communities to complete OJT (On-Job-Training) assignments. That may require some candidates to undergo a background check. The investigative inquiries may include credit, criminal, driving, and/or other background reports.


AC/C TECH adopted DEAC standards for this requirement. Prospective candidates whose native language is not English and who have not earned a degree from an appropriately accredited institution where English is the principal language of instruction, must demonstrate college-level proficiency in English through one of the following for admission:

  • Undergraduate Degree: A minimum score of 500 on the paper-based Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL PBT), or 61 on the Internet Based Test (iBT), a 6.0 on the International English Language Test (IELTS), or 44 on the Pearson Test of English Academic Score Report.
  • A high school diploma completed at an accredited/recognized high school (where the medium of instruction is English).
  • Master’s Degree: A minimum score of 530 on the paper-based Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL PBT), or 71 on the Internet Based Test (iBT), a 6.5 on the International English Language Test (IELTS), or 50 on the Pearson Test of English Academic Score Report.
  • First Professional Degree or Professional Doctoral Degree: A minimum score of 550 on the paper-based Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL PBT), or 80 on the Internet Based Test (iBT), a 6.5 on the International English Language Test (IELTS), or 58 on the Pearson Test of English Academic Score Report.
  • A minimum score on the College Board Accuplacer ESL Exam Series as follows: ESL Language Use: Score of 85 ESL Listening: Score of 80 ESL Reading: Score of 85 ESL Sentence Meaning: Score of 90 ESL Writeplacer: Score of 4 Comprehensive Score for all exams of 350.
  • A minimum grade of Pre-1 on the Eiken English Proficiency Exam;
  • A minimum B-2 English proficiency level identified within the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) standards and assessed through various ESOL examinations, including the University of Cambridge;
  • A transcript indicating completion of at least 30 semester credit hours with an average grade of “C” or higher at an institution accredited by an agency recognized by the United States Secretary of Education and/or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), or accepted foreign Distance Education Accrediting Commission, 1101 17th Street NW, Suite 808, Washington, DC 20036 Page 125 equivalent that is listed in the International Handbook of Universities where the language of instruction was English. A “B” or higher is required for master’s degree, first professional degree, or professional doctoral degree.

When admissions requested for candidates who wish to pursue employment at apartment communities exceeds the number of job openings for the location/industry, AC/C TECH will interview and select candidates via algorithms. The instructional staff will conduct interviews by utilizing video conferencing equipment or by “GoToMeeting” software. The interviews will be recorded for future reference. The interview process will cover 13 significant topics: [1] Scrutinizing the candidate’s resume, [2] Exploring the candidate’s technical background, [3] Discussing job-task-standards and work performance benchmarks, [4] Promoting the educational plan established for all Maintenance Technicians, [5] Reviewing the job description as it relates to health requirements, [6] Exploring how the candidate is able and willing to contribute his/her skills towards the prosperity of the organization, [7] Evaluating how the candidate’s personal comportment can be a key factor, [8] Determining if outside special assistance is necessary, [9] Instructing the candidate to complete the pre-employment inquiry form, [10] Requesting information from previous schools and employers, [11] Having a discussion about references, [12] Having a discussion about information posted on social networks, and [13] Allowing the applicant to express why he/she is the best candidate for the program.

Selecting candidates based on algorithms will remove biases and improve the selection process, and the algorithms can be tweaked to achieve future improvements. The algorithms will be set up to factor the topics covered above. The instructional staff will assign a score from 0 to 8 for each topic: 8 points representing outstanding, and 0 representing unsatisfactory. The last topic will only be for 4 points. When computed, the candidates can earn 100 points maximum. Those who earn the highest rating will be admitted into the program first.

Those who meet the admissions criteria will be informed in writing. Any applicant not meeting qualifications to become a student will be denied admission. Likewise, they will also be notified in writing and the communication will indicate the basis for that denial.

Note: Individuals wishing to pursue courses individually or without the desire to become employed in the residential and apartment industry opportunities can still pursue their educational objectives without the need to perform OJT, but they will not be able to earn a technical certificate.

AC/C TECH will not deny admissions nor discriminate against individuals based on race, religion, color, gender, sexual orientation, genetic information, age, disability, or national origin.


Having access to any desktop computer, laptop computer, tablet, or smart phone.


During the admission process, all candidates are required to submit identification. Acceptable ID’s may include a valid driver’s license, governmental identification card, passport, or military identification.

At the conclusion of each course, instructors will verify the identity of students to assure that they are indeed the person who completed the online training. In addition, the instructors will verify if the student developed the skills necessary to complete work assignments expected of a maintenance technician. The instructor may ask questions related to diagnostic procedures, adjusting the system for optimum efficiency, annual maintenance activities, etc. Again, it’s just a 1-hour verification assignment.

Note: This policy does not apply to students that are enrolled, monitored, and evaluated by their employer. This information can be found in the Student Handbook located on both the main AC/C Tech’s website and the web-based classroom.


Similar to other institutions, AC/C TECH will collaborate with High Schools and Vocational School Programs with the intent of allowing utilization of our training materials and equipment. Where such is the case, those students will earn full credit for the coursework. Also, when applicable, those students will be allowed to visit our facilities and participate in the diagnostic and repair activities. If a student is under the age of 18, AC/C TECH will obtain permission from the responsible parties to assure that our educational offerings are not detrimental to their compulsory schooling.


Those who meet the admissions criteria will be informed in writing. Any applicant not meeting qualifications to become a student will be denied admission. Likewise, they will also be notified in writing and the communication will indicate the basis for that denial.


AC/C TECH allows transfer of credits when an official transcript is received indicating the student’s achievements. The course organization and length must be similar to AC/C TECH’s, the age of the previously earned credit is not greater than 10 years old, the transfer does not exceed 75% of the program requirements, and the transferring institution’s accreditation is defined as equal to or higher in status than AC/C TECH’s. In addition, credits awarded for experiential or equivalent learning cannot exceed 25 percent of the credits required to earn the AAS Degree.

The student’s courses to be evaluated for transfer are listed on one side of a ledger and those approved are listed on the other side of a ledger, so that the student will clearly realize which courses were approved. The total transfer cannot exceed 21 courses. Students may appeal transfer credit decisions using procedures outlined in the Course/Program Catalog.


AC/C TECH has the right to accept or deny credits based on how they align with the program and how they could affect property management firms and apartment communities supporting the programs.


Tuition/Course - $250.00

Tuition/Workshop - $75.00

There are no fees associated with admission, registration, authentication, proctoring, technology access, or library services.

Technical Certificates Tuition Books Tools/Supplies Uniforms* Total
HVAC Maintenance $1,500 $163.75 $439.07 $160 $2,262.82
Plumbing Maintenance $500 $254.83 $603.55 $160 $1,518.38
Electrical Wiring $575 $198.95 $293.95 $160 $1,227.90
Appliance Repair $1,250 $174.75 $682.14 $160 $2,266.89
Pool & Spa Maintenance $1,000 $59.95 $439.07 $160 $1,659.02
AAS Degree Program $7,150 $972.13 $3,572.73 $960 $12,854.86

Students are responsible for acquiring books, tools, and supplies. Acquiring uniforms is optional. The fees are based on pricing from Menards website, however, the items can be obtained from any source. There are no other fees associated with our programs.

AC/C TECH accepts cash, personal checks, money orders, and charge cards.


Students have an opportunity to “earn a degree and build a career without going into debt”. Initially, they will be enrolled into the HVAC maintenance training program and will complete 4 hours of online lessons at home, then go to an apartment community and complete 4 hours of OJT assignments. They will earn a stipend ($10/hour) while pursuing OJT. The employer will monitor the student’s progress for 10 weeks and if the student demonstrates an ability to master the lessons and maintain a positive attitude, they will be offered a fulltime job. From that point forward, the student’s tuition will be paid by the employer, and they will be allowed to continue the training during the normal 8-hour workday.

As option #2, students can pursue financial assistance through WorkOne, or another community development organization. The cost to participate in the HVAC program is $2,262.82; and generally, most of our students meet the income guidelines to qualify for assistance. This is a model AC/C TECH will pursue as much as possible.

As option #3, AC/C TECH offers a “Standard Promissory Note” to satisfy tuition. Students have an option of repaying the loan in “Lump Sum” or “Installments”. If Installments are desired, the student will have an option of making payments on a weekly basis, or pay period basis, or monthly basis. As long as the student makes regularly scheduled payments, no fees will be applied to their account. When payments are not made pursuant to the scheduled timeline, AC/C TECH will apply a late fee for each occurrence: $10 if a weekly payment plan was selected, $20 if a pay period (bi-weekly) payment plan was selected, or $40 if a monthly payment plan was selected.

So again, it’s worth repeating that our students have an opportunity to “earn a degree and build a career without going into debt”.


Students may cancel an enrollment anytime and for any reason and by any method. Prospective students who have not visited the Property Management firm prior to enrollment will have the opportunity to cancel (without penalty) following a tour of the facilities where training will be provided.


AC/C TECH will pay a refund to students in the amount calculated under this policy, or as otherwise approved by the Indiana Board for Proprietary Education. The student's obligation at the time of cancellation will be calculated as follows:

  • Within six (6) days following the signing of the contract, no obligation and all monies paid, if any, to be fully refunded. Example Refund: $250 – ($250 x .00) = $250.00
  • After six (6) days, but before beginning of training, a registration fee of 20% of the total tuition not to exceed $100.00. Example Refund: $250 – ($250 x .00) = $250.00 * AC/C TECH does not have Registration Fees
  • After beginning of training, the registration fee, plus 10% of the total tuition until student completes 10% of the assignment. Example Refund: $250 – ($250 x .10) = $225.00
  • After completing 10% of the assignments, but prior to completing 25% of the assignments, the registration fee plus 25% of the total tuition. Example Refund: $250 – ($250 x .25) = $187.50
  • After completing 25% of the assignments but prior to completing 50% of the assignments, the registration fee plus 50% of the total tuition. Example Refund: $250 – ($250 x .50) = $125.00
  • After completing 50% of assignments, but prior to completing 75% of the assignments, the registration fee plus 75% of total tuition. Example Refund: $250 – ($250 x .75) = $62.50
  • After completing 75% of assignments, the student is responsible for total tuition. Example Refund: $250 – ($250 x 1.00) = $0.00
  • The entire course (all lessons and testing) must be completed within 30 days. If a student does not cancel by the end of such time, he is responsible for his total tuition.
  • The institution will make a proper refund, within thirty-one (31) days of the student's request for cancellation.
  • If the student has paid tuition extending beyond twelve (12) months all such charges shall be refunded.
This institution is authorized by:
The Indiana Board for Proprietary Education
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