Student Services Policy

Student Services Policy:

AC/C TECH provides Student Services in the following areas:

Technology Requirements

AC/C TECH utilizes various technologies to optimize interaction between the institution and students. We use the Inquisiq R4 Learning Management System (LMS), which is referred to as our Learning Resource Center. The Learning Resource Center is 100% web-based and designed to take the guess work out of maintaining an apartment community and repairing equipment. The platform is easy to use, easy to understand, and easy to navigate. The platform contains four key modules: [1] Web-Based Classroom, [2] Online Technical Support, [3] Virtual Coffee House, and [4] Q&A Bulletin Board.In addition to the online training platform, AC/C TECH uses other technologies to optimize interaction between the institution and students. We use software to host weekly web-meetings, live web classes, and proctored examinations. We also use FaceTime/Duo technology, text messaging, email, and phone calls to provide instructional and administrative support. Typically, most students use email, text messaging, and phone calls to obtain support.

As a minimum requirement, students must have access to any desktop computer, laptop computer, tablet, or smart phone. We recommend that quizzes and final examinations be completed on a computer or tablet, all other activities can be completed on a smart phone if the student does not have any other device.

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Academic and Instructional Support

AC/C TECH provides academic and instructional support to help students achieve program requirements, program outcomes, course objectives, and educational goals consistent with best practices. The instructional staff monitors the students’ progress routinely and offers assistance as needed. Assistance may include explanation of difficult concepts, tutoring, communication, learning habits and tips, scheduling proctored examinations, etc.

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Administrative Support

Students may obtain administrative support related to their application for admission, transfer of credits, release of information, enrollments, transcripts, credentials, account receivables, professional development, resume, references, job placements, etc. AC/C TECH makes a backup copy of all records and stores the media in an offsite secure location, such as a bank safe deposit box. Administrative support is available Monday through Friday, anytime between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm EST.

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Confidentiality of Student Records

In accordance with the Federal Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 and subsequent amendments, student records will not be released without written consent from the student. Also, students have the right to inspect their school records and may request corrections of information they believe to be not accurate.

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Transcript Services

Currently, students have access to 100% of their records after the login process. More specifically, they can print an updated copy of their transcript/credentials and send them to anyone. However, transcripts are certified to be a true copy of the student's record when signed and embossed with the institutional seal.AC/C TECH will issue an official transcript upon request, provided the student have satisfied all outstanding obligations (financial, academic, and administrative). A request for an official authenticated transcript must be made in writing and must contain the student’s signature.

Fees to process an official authenticated transcript is listed below:
Official Transcript = $5/transcript
Same Day Processing = $20 ($5/transcript + $15 same day processing fee)
Overnight Shipping = $45 ($5/transcript + $15 same day processing + $25 overnight shipping)

All transcript requests must be paid at the time of ordering. Fees can be paid by credit card, check or money order. Checks should be made payable to "AC/C TECH."

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Job Placement and Retention Support

AC/C TECH has a job referral relationship with property management firms, and they notify us when job opportunities are available. Therefore, we connect students and graduates with those organizations and promote their educational achievements to facilitate the potential hire. However, AC/C TECH does not GUARANTEE job placement.

Job retention and employment advancement is extremely important, and for those reasons, we allow students access to instructor support and training materials after graduation. Alumni have access to the AC/C TECH Online Technical Support database for one year. Specifically, the Online Technical Support is an automated database that guides individuals through a variety of diagnostic and repair procedures. It includes step-by-step repair tips for appliances, electrical wiring, heating and air conditioning equipment, interior/exterior building maintenance, outdoor accessories, grounds, plumbing, and swimming pool maintenance. It also includes energy saving tips, planned maintenance activities, information about indoor air quality, lead-based paint, mold, etc.

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Career Development Training

Currently, AC/C TECH does not offer career development training related to resume writing, job search skills, interview skills, etc. It hasn’t been a priority because we recruit students according to job demands of employers, and once recruited, the student is assigned to one of the employer’s property communities to complete OJT assignments. However, we are in the process of developing a self-management course that will help students master the following sessions/topics: [1] understanding the role and job description of a maintenance technician, [2] planning your career, [3] developing a resume, [4] establishing good interview techniques, [5] searching for employment opportunities, [6] promoting maintenance skills via AC/C TECH and social networks, [7] obtaining proper tools to be efficient at your job, [8] developing good work maturity competencies, job specific competencies, and employer specific competencies, [9] complying with the goals, objectives, and policies associated with your employment, and [10] final examination. This course is scheduled for completion September 1, 2023.

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How AC/C TECH Student Services Meet the Needs of Learners

In support of our mission and goals, the instructional staff is required to monitor the student’s progress routinely, engage students in a one-on-one conversation during web-based meetings, provide counseling and tutoring as needed, and computerize all results. The student’s performance is determined by completing lectures, labs, quizzes, a final examination, and OJT assignments. As the minimum passing standard, students are required to demonstrate a proficiency in 70% of the course activities. That includes earning a 70% or higher score on the Final Examination, OJT Evaluation, and Final Score.

When a student is not progressing according to expectations, we offer assistance: [1] he/she may be given additional time to complete assignments, [2] that individual may be given special assistance such as having materials and/or examinations read to them, or [3] the student may be assigned a mentor. Should further assistance be required, the instructional staff will provide counseling and tutoring. The process in determining when counseling and tutoring is needed is by analyzing their academic progress. Any score below 70% is a clear indicatorthat an individual is struggling. Other indicators could be feedback from the student based on how a question was answered or if someone makes a simple request for additional help.

It is the responsibility of both the Instructional Staff and Director of Student Services to identify the student’s academic progress. In addition, if a student is struggling, it is their duty to inform the Director of Education so that an evaluation can be made for determining if the noted deficiencies are stemming from training materials, which can be tweaked. As additional information, the instructional staff and Director of Student Services are emailed an updated summary of the students’ academic progress (scores daily). This method of communication will allow the AC/C TECH educational team to identify and correct deficiencies as soon as possible.

Beyond these targeted interactions with struggling students, AC/C TECH takes a holistic approach towards encouraging student success and program completion. We respond to student inquiries in a warm and promptly manner. The instructional staff is available to provide one-on-one web-based tutoring should anyone have difficulties understanding a task. Checkpoints are established when student counselors, instructors, andemployer maintenance supervisors can review the student’s progress; and offer recommendations for improvements, devise additional support, and launch encouragement plans. These checkpoints are setup as needed but usually occur at the end of each technical certificate program.

As a final point, the administrative team will make certain that the student’s experience with AC/C TECH is focused on learning, and learning, and learning. Simply stated, only a small amount of time will be utilized towards completing application and enrollment agreements, obtaining transcript and other school documents, protecting their confidentiality and privacy, finding a job, resolving complaints, etc.

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