Mission & Goals

Mission Statement:

AC/C TECH’s mission is to provide quality online training and student services, with a focus on practical diagnostic and repair techniques required for apartment, hotel, and housing communities. In addition, to develop knowledgeable, highly skilled, and certified technicians for the industry, nationwide.

Institutional Goals:

AC/C TECH seeks to achieve its mission through the following institutional goals:

  • Establish a training platform that is 100% web-based, easy to understand, and easy to navigate.
  • Recruit individuals seeking a lifelong career in residential and apartment maintenance technology.
  • Provide quality online training that will help students develop the knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary for performing building maintenance, and diagnosing and repairing equipment pursuant to regulatory codes. In addition, provide training that will help students understand the upkeep and maintenance required at a property in order to maintain its curb appeal, and to ensure that all vacant apartment units are restored to a “market ready” condition in a timely manner.
  • Provide student services that will help learners achieve the educational objectives, earn credentials, get a fulltime job, and build a lifelong career as a maintenance technician.
  • Help property management firms reduce maintenance expenditures by encouraging planned maintenance activities, breakdown maintenance procedures, job task standards, restoring vacated apartment units, and uniform physical inspections.
  • Promote outcomes through the National Apartment Association, United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), State and Local Housing Associations, and Property Management Firms… with the intent of increasing student enrollment.