Course/Program Tuition & Fees

Course/Program Tuition & Fees:

AC/C TECH’s “Course/Program Tuition & Fees” includes the following areas:

Tuition & Fees

All tuition, fees, and other charges are the same for all students. Students have an option of pursuing Courses Only, Technical Certificate Programs, or the AAS Degree Program. Below is a complete listing of all cost associated with courses and each program:

  • Admission Fee                                  $0.00
  • Tuition per Course                       $250.00
  • EPA Technician Certification      $200.00
  • Tuition per Workshop                   $75.00
Technical Certificate Programs Tuition/Workshops Books Tools/Supplies Uniforms Total Cost
HVAC Maintenance $1,500.00 $163.75    $439.07 $160.00 $2,262.82
Plumbing Maintenance    $500.00 $254.83    $603.55 $160.00 $1,518.38
Electrical Wiring Maintenance    $575.00 $198.95    $293.95 $160.00 $1,227.90
Interior/Exterior Maintenance $1,075.00   $69.90 $1,114.95 $160.00 $2,419.85
Appliance Repair $1,250.00 $174.75    $682.14 $160.00 $2,266.89
Swimming Pool & Spa Maintenance $1,000.00   $59.95    $439.07 $160.00 $1,659.02
Introduction to Apartment Maintenance $2,000.00 $163.75    $439.07 $160.00 $2,762.82
AAS Degree Program Tuition/Workshops Books Tools/Supplies Uniforms Total Cost
Required Technical Courses $4,900.00 $862.18 $3,133.66 $800.00 $9,695.84
Technical Elective Courses $1,000.00 $59.95 $0.00 $0.00 $1,059.95
General Education Coursework TBD TBD TBD N/A TBD
Totals $5,900.00 $922.13 $3,133.66 $800.00 $10,755.79

Students are responsible for acquiring books, tools, and supplies. Acquiring uniforms is optional. These fees are based on pricing from Menards; however, the items can be obtained from any source. Click on the program name above to obtain information on books, tools, and supplies.

Students enrolled in the AAS Degree is required to complete 15 semester credits of “General Education Coursework” from any recognized accredited Institution. AC/C TECH does not control other institution’s fees, and therefore, those expenses must be determined by the student. Nonetheless, AC/C TECH research showed the average cost is $300 per semester credit. When computed, the average total cost is $4,500.00 for all general education coursework.

There are no other fees… AC/C TECH does not offer discounts, nor waivers.

AC/C TECH reserves the right to increase tuition and fees without notice.

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Financial Assistance

Option #1: Students have an opportunity to “earn a degree and build a career without going into debt”. Initially, they can be enrolled into the HVAC maintenance training program and will complete 4 hours of online lessons at home, then go to an apartment community and complete 4 hours of OJT assignments. They will earn a stipend ($10/hour) while pursuing OJT. The employer will monitor the student’s progress for 10 weeks and if the student demonstrates an ability to master the lessons and maintain a positive attitude, they will be offered a fulltime job. From that point forward, the student’s tuition will be paid by the employer, and they will be allowed to continue the training during the normal 8-hour workday.

Option #2: Students can pursue financial assistance through WorkOne, or any other another community development organization. In general, this type of assistance requires the student to be unemployed or underemployed; however, most of our students meet the income guidelines to qualify for their assistance. This is a model AC/C TECH will pursue as much as possible.

Option #3: AC/C TECH offers students a “Standard Promissory Note” within the Enrollment Agreement which covers information regarding enrollment costs. The Promissory Note discloses that students have the option to pay for the program immediately (prior to starting the training) via a deferred Lump Sum payment, or in installments. If installments are desired, the student will have an option of making payments on a weekly basis, or monthly basis, or based on their employer pay cycle. Once the Enrollment Agreement and Standard Promissory Note are signed by the student and countersigned by the institution, the agreed upon payment schedule goes into effect. Students are not charged a financing fee(s) for paying in a deferred lump sum or in installments. When payments are not made pursuant to the scheduled timeline, AC/C TECH applies a late fee for each occurrence:

  • $10 per occurrence if student is paying weekly.
  • $40 per occurrence if student is paying monthly.
  • $25 per occurrence if student is paying based on their employer’s pay period.

AC/C TECH accepts cash, personal checks, money orders, and charge card payments to satisfy tuition and fees.

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Payment Collection Policy

It is AC/C TECH’s intent to conduct all collection practices according to sound and ethical business practices. It assures that it does so through regular review of its collection principles against higher education and consumer norms, and by conducting its collection practices consistently and fairly via set procedures.

AC/C TECH’s collection practices reflect sound and ethical business practices in that students are provided clear information for consideration and signature via an Enrollment Agreement and included Promissory Note, thus both parties are legally bound to navigate the payment and collection process as agreed upon. Students are provided payment options without finance charges, and only a minimal late fee is applied.

AC/C TECH also assures that its collection process is ethical by providing appropriate communication in various events:

  • If the student’s credit card information is no longer active or payment has been declined, AC/C TECH will contact the cardholder immediately to update information.
  • For accounts in arrears over 30 days, AC/C TECH will contact their employer or family members to inquire about the individual and to attempt to resolve the concern. The employer or family member may be contacted by telephone, email, or letter.
  • For accounts in arrears over 60 days, AC/C TECH will suspend the student from all training programs until the account is paid up to date or until payment arrangements have been satisfied by the school.
  • Only after an account has been in arrears over 90 days would AC/C TECH refer the matter to legal counsel for collection and possibly refer the debt to a third-party collection agency

AC/C TECH’s collection practices consider the rights and interest of both the student and institution. The “Standard Promissory Note” in the Enrollment Agreement clearly states the rights and obligations of both parties and payment and collection process enumerated respects those rights. Students are provided with the right to an education with flexible payment options and AC/C TECH retains the right to receive payment for its training and services in a timely manner and to seek restitution when payment becomes uncollectable.

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Cancellation Policy

Students may cancel an enrollment anytime and for any reason and by any method. Prospective students who have not visited AC/C TECH or the Property Management Firm where OJT will be conducted, prior to enrollment, will have the opportunity to cancel (without penalty) following a tour of the facilities.

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Refund Policy

AC/C TECH will pay a refund to students in the amount calculated under this policy, or as otherwise approved by the Indiana Board for Proprietary Education. The student's obligation at the time of cancellation will be calculated as follows:
(A) Within six (6) days following the signing of the contract, no obligation and all monies paid, if any, to be fully refunded. Example Refund: $250 – ($250 x .00) = $250.00
(B) After six (6) days, but before beginning of training, a registration fee of 20% of the total tuition not to exceed $100.00. Example Refund: $250 – ($250 x .00) = $250.00 * AC/C TECH does not have Registration Fees
(C) After beginning of training, the registration fee, plus 10% of the total tuition until student completes 10% of the assignment. Example Refund: $250 – ($250 x .10) = $225.00
(D) After completing 10% of the assignments, but prior to completing 25% of the assignments, the registration fee plus 25% of the total tuition. Example Refund: $250 – ($250 x .25) = $187.50
(E) After completing 25% of the assignments but prior to completing 50% of the assignments, the registration fee plus 50% of the total tuition. Example Refund: $250 – ($250 x .50) = $125.00
(F) After completing 50% of assignments, but prior to completing 75% of the assignments, the registration fee plus 75% of total tuition. Example Refund: $250 – ($250 x .75) = $62.50
(G) After completing 75% of assignments, the student is responsible for total tuition. Example Refund: $250 – ($250 x 1.00) = $0.00
(H) The entire course (all lessons and testing) must be completed within 30 days. If a student does not cancel by the end of such time, he is responsible for his total tuition.
(I) The institution will make a proper refund, within thirty-one (31) days of the student's request for cancellation.
(J) If the student has paid tuition extending beyond twelve (12) months all such charges shall be refunded.

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Account Receivables

All tuition and fee payments are computerized and retained indefinitely. We record and maintain the following data: Student ID, Student Name, Address, Phone Number, Program or Course Name, Cost of Program/Course, Amount Paid, Date Paid, Method of Payment, and Balance Due. As part of our Strategic Plan, a copy of the Accounts Receivable Record will be deposited into the student’s account, where they can view it anytime.

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