Complaint and Grievance Policy

Complaint/Grievance Policy:

AC/C TECH is committed to an open and collaborative approach towards addressing student concerns and endeavors to resolve all complaints. Complaints are addressed according to the following process:


Students are encouraged to attempt resolution of their complaint. Informal resolution procedures shall be initiated as soon as possible or within ten (10) working days of the incident.

  • Students shall first communicate directly with the individual(s) involved.
  • In their discussion, students shall outline the nature of the complaint including a brief description of what occurred, when and where it took place, and who was involved.
  • Respondent shall consider students’ concerns and outline their understanding of the situation.
  • Both parties are encouraged and expected to clarify their perspectives, and continue this dialogue to reach a successful resolution.

If students are having difficulty achieving resolution, they are encouraged to contact the Director of Student Services. The role of the Director of Student Services is to clarify the steps in the process, explore options to assist students in their efforts to resolve the concerns, and, where appropriate, suggest sources of support.

If the complaint involves a student and an instructor and they are unable to resolve the issue themselves, either party can request online mediation or face-to-face mediation through the Director of Education. When this occurs, the President shall be notified by the Director of Education that mediation is being undertaken. Upon request for mediation, the Director of Education shall schedule a mediation meeting within ten (10) working days.

If mediation satisfactorily resolves the complaint, the Director of Education shall provide a brief written summary of the resolution to each party involved within ten (10) working days from the date of mediation.

If the students’ complaints are with the Director of Student Services, the student shall contact the President.


If mediation does not satisfactorily resolve the complaint, students may pursue formal resolution.

  1. The student shall provide a written submission to the President within five (5) working days of the mediation meeting. This submission will include a summary of the information discussed during the Informal Resolution Stage.
  2. The President will establish a Student Complaint Resolution Committee to hear the complaint within five (5) working days of receipt of the students’ written notification. This committee will consist of one (1) student, one (1) graduate, one (1) Advisory Committee Member, one (1) Faculty Member, and one (1) Administrator. The President will name an individual to chair the meeting.
  3. The Student Complaint Resolution Committee will conduct a hearing and will interview and do research as necessary to fully explore the complaint. The committee will also make a recommendation for resolution.
  4. The Chair of the Student Complaint Resolution Committee will advise the President within two (2) working days of their recommendation. The President will review the recommendation and make a final ruling.

Student Complaint Resolution Committee Procedure

  1. The Student Complaint Resolution Hearing shall proceed as follows:
    1. An initial briefing and review of the complaint will be summarized by the Committee Chairperson.
    2. Allow presentation of the complaint by the student.
    3. Allow presentation of the response by the respondent.
    4. Listen to witnesses, if necessary.
    5. The Committee may direct the parties to provide additional support or witnesses related to the complaint. Note: The Committee shall only consider evidence relevant to the complaint.
    6. In a private setting, the Committee Members shall discuss their findings and make a recommendation towards formal resolution.
  2. The hearing shall be conducted in a fair and impartial manner, each complaint shall be considered independently and decided on its merits, and all information reviewed and discussed shall remain confidential.
  3. Each student may bring one support person to the hearing. The support person shall not participate in the proceedings unless called by the Chair to do so.
  4. Participation of witnesses shall be limited to providing evidence and responding to questions from the Committee. Witnesses may be present only when providing evidence or responding to questions from the Committee.
  5. The Director of Student Services will be responsible for maintaining an official record of the proceedings, all reference documents, a copy of the Committee’s recommendation(s), and the Presidents’ final ruling.
  6. Students’ documentation shall be returned to the student. Committee members’ documentation shall be retained by the institution.

AC/C TECH’s complaint policy includes the following statement in accordance with the State of Indiana requirements:

  • If a student does not feel that the school has adequately addressed a complaint or concern, the student may consider contacting the Indiana Commission for Higher Education using the ICHE’s Student Complaint form or the Indiana Civil Rights Commission by calling 800-628-2909.