Recruitment & Advertisement Policy

Recruitment & Advertisement Policy:

AC/C TECH’s “Recruitment Strategy” includes the following areas:

Recruitment Strategy

AC/C TECH seeks to recruit students who are interested in maintenance technology, likely to complete the educational objectives, and suited for employment at the end of the training. At present, these efforts are primarily conducted in the State of Indiana, where AC/C TECH is authorized to operate as a vocational institution. We also serve students in other states where an exemption exists for training employees (recognized as an employee-based training program) who work for property management firms, in which AC/C TECH is contracted to provide training.

Our recruitment team will show prospective students how to utilize the U.S. Department of Labor's career search tools. Those tools display career occupations for every trade as well as data about the average annual salary for each trade. It’s important that students understand the earnings for Residential and Apartment Maintenance because it will help them compare the occupational paths more effectively from the start. It’s also important to help prospective students understand that AC/C TECH has “AFFORDABLE TUITION” but it can be “PAID BY AN EMPLOYER/SPONSOR” if the student excels. In fact, this program is unique in that students will complete online lessons then go to a job site and complete OJT assignments. They will earn a stipend while pursuing OJT. The employer/sponsor Maintenance Supervisors will monitor the student’s progress for 10 weeks and if the student demonstrates an ability to master the lessons and maintain a positive attitude, they will be offered a fulltime job. From that point forward, the student’s tuition will be paid by the employer/sponsor; plus, they will be allowed to continue the training during the 8-hour workday.

We also want prospective students to realize a world of opportunities insofar as building a career. As indicated throughout this document, establishing a contractual arrangement with property management firms is a key factor towards achieving the institutional goals. Our partners have agreed to engage the students frequently and will help them become high performers. They will offer students a feeling of respect and involvement towards the prosperity of their organization. Making a student feel respected and appreciated will have greater impact than increased wages. Simply put, we want prospective students to develop specific skills, earn credentials, secure a fulltime job, and build a career without going into debt.

As a recruitment strategy, there are two common approaches: reactive and proactive. AC/C TECH will pursue both. Historically, we have followed the reactive approach, meaning “prospective students will find us”. This was acceptable in the past because the majority of our training was limited to the Indianapolis Indiana geographical area. However, our goal is to recruit nationwide and follow the proactive approach; meaning: “We will find prospective students and contact them directly”. We will do things differently than most institutions to attract candidates; e.g.: [1] we will establish a recruitment team that is highly effective in communicating via social media; [2] we will find talent in unlikely places through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google +, Snapchat, Instagram, and other social networking sites; [3] we will recruit from high schools, trade schools, and vocational schools; [4] we will recruit from the veteran’s administration, WorkOne Centers, and other community workforce organizations; [5] we will recruit by online advertising as well as by local television and radio; [6] we will recruit through employment workshops and trade shows; [7] we will recruit by referrals and offer incentives to those who made the referral; [8] we will develop training and employment algorithms for selecting the best candidates possible; [9] we will advocate that AC/C TECH has “AFFORDABLE TUITION” but it can be “PAID BY AN EMPLOYER/SPONSOR” if the student excels.

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Advertising Campaign

AC/C TECH’s approach to advertising and promoting its programs is two-fold:

  • First, the institution’s website is designed as a promotional tool to provide prospective students with information about AC/C TECH’s programs, courses, and services. Our website address is More specifically, the website contains information about our institution such as the mission and goals, history and authorization, consumer information disclosure, course/program catalog, distance education disclosure, forms and documents, admissions, financial policies, student policies, student services, and faculty. The website also includes special links to our admission/tuition and refund policies, course descriptions, course schedules, professional development, technical certificate programs, AAS degree program, and how to contact us. Despite how that information is perceived and utilized by prospective students and visitors, they are welcome to inquire for more information. However, no advertisements are used to drive traffic to the website. Prospective students find the website through organic search results or word-of-mouth referrals from current students, alumni, and employers.

  • Second, AC/C TECH recruits’ students according to job demands of employers. Once recruited, the student will be assigned to one of the employer’s property communities to complete lab and OJT (On-Job-Training) assignments. In addition, AC/C TECH seeks to partner with property management firms and other organizations to train their employees, directly connecting their education with practical OJT experience. Simply put, we offer property management firms a contractual relationship insofar as we train their current employees, provide them with valuable skills leading to completion of technical certificates and/or the Associate of Applied Science Degree in Residential & Apartment Technology. Furthermore, their maintenance supervisors are encouraged to serve as mentors to AC/C TECH students and even provide feedback to instructors on the students practical OJT completions. This symbiotic relationship is a benefit to all involved, as it leads to higher student retention, graduation success, and employment outcomes.

It's worthy to mention that we have a Facebook account, but it’s primarily used to promote student achievements and graduation activities. Also, we have a Tweeter, Instagram and Linkedin account but those accounts are not actively being used at this time. Below are URL’s to all social media accounts:


Be aware that our website proactively states that AC/C TECH is a vocational institution specializing in residential and apartment maintenance technology; specifically, online training related to appliance repair, electrical wiring, heating and air conditioning, interior & exterior building maintenance, plumbing, and swimming pool maintenance. Students can earn technical certificates and/or a degree via online training.

Additionally, all promotional materials affirm that AC/C TECH programs and courses are 100% web-based. Plus, the course/program catalog (on page 1) contains our mission and goals which clearly indicate web-based training. The Academic Calendar (on page 2) also indicate that the training is web-based, and we state that online training is offered in our Distance Education Disclosure page.

AC/C TECH discloses to students that completion of our program will lead to occupational opportunities in areas related to residential and apartment technology. For students employed by an AC/C TECH partner organization, information is provided related to the terms of the agreement which allows students to live at the apartment community without paying rent and earn potential pay raises associated with certificate and degree completion. For other students, we provide general industry statistics, job-prospect information, as well as the assurance that AC/C TECH will assist students in earning employment upon program completion, through various means including searching job boards, promoting skills, competencies, or any other activity that will help students secure fulltime employment after graduation. As part of our marketing plan, we will promote student achievements through property management firms, public housing agencies, apartment associations, the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the National Apartment Association. Where applicable, we will target property management firms in the student’s geographical area.

Once more, AC/C TECH’s advertisement and promotional materials include our website, course/program catalog, and program flyers. Nowhere do we mention that employment is guaranteed, in fact, the enrollment agreement requires all students to acknowledge this statement: I UNDERSTAND THAT AC/C TECH DOES NOT GUARANTEE JOB PLACEMENT.

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Responsibility for Monitoring the Advertising Campaign

Up to this point, all website content and promotional flyers have been developed by the President. He affirms that all materials are truthful, accurate, and clear because he is intimately familiar with the institution’s operations, programs, courses, and services. The President is also responsible for changes to the curriculum, student services, or promotional messaging, which makes him most suitable to coordinate any changes to advertisements, website content, or promotional flyers when updating related content.

The President of AC/C TECH is responsible for general oversight; and next in line would be the Director of Recruitment/Admissions. The Director of Recruitment/Admissions is responsible for student recruitment, advertisements, promotional materials, disclosures, cancellations, refunds, admissions policies, and practices. The Director of Recruitment/Admissions is also responsible for executing our marketing plan.

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