Professional Development

Specializing in Residential and Apartment Maintenance Training

AC/C TECH is a post-secondary institution specializing in residential and apartment maintenance technology; specifically, training related to appliance repair, electrical wiring, heating and air conditioning, interior/exterior building maintenance, plumbing, smart home technology, and swimming pool maintenance.

There are many exciting features about our training. Students can pursue lessons any time of the day (24/7) and from any location. The lessons can be stopped and started at will, and repeated many times over.

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Apartment Technology
AAS Degree Program

AC/C TECH offers an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Residential & Apartment Technology. This program consists of 25 courses and 2 workshops, and when computed, it represents 1,008 hours of specialized technical training.

Education and training is often an elusive benefit to measure financially, but less than 1% of all apartment maintenance technicians have a degree, so pursuit of it offers distinction and opportunities.