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AC/C TECH Online Training Center

The AC/C TECH Online Training Center is a web based program designed to take the guess work out of maintaining an apartment community and repairing equipment; however small, large, or unique. Specifically, the program contains four key modules:
     [1] Online Technical Support
     [2] Virtual Coffee House
     [3] Q & A Bulletin Board and
     [4] Web-Based Classroom

[1] Online Technical Support is an automated database that will guide an individual through a variety of diagnosing and repair procedures. It includes step-by-step repair tips for appliances, electrical wiring, heating and air conditioning equipment, interior/exterior building maintenance, outdoor accessories and grounds, plumbing, and swimming pool maintenance. It also contains energy saving tips and planned maintenance activities.

[2] Virtual Coffee House features all sorts of articles that cover building and equipment maintenance. It also includes maintenance tips of the month, laws affecting the apartment industry, advancements in technology, outstanding achievers, employment opportunities, and more.  As a key feature, this module includes slide shows that emphasize kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, clubhouses, exterior designs, landscaping ideas, swimming pool facilities, and more. They are truly exciting and can help your staff develop ideas for improving an apartment community.  Property managers will certainly enjoy the shows. This module also includes classifieds, movie reviews, games, music, sports, weather, jokes, and more.

[3] Q&A Bulletin Board contains questions and answers about building and equipment maintenance.  Your staff can read questions posted by peers or they can post a new question and get answers from multiple experts.

[4] Web Based Classroom contains interactive courses and workshops. All courses include attention grabbing graphics, photos, and sound effects that will simplify complex topics. They also include knock-em-dead special effects and transitions.  They are voice narrated, so all you have to do is relax, learn, and develop specific skills. Sound easy?  It really is.  After viewing a presentation, anyone will be able to recognize the components and understand how the equipment functions in sequence of operation. Guaranteed!  But more importantly, emphasis is placed on diagnosing failures and making repairs.  Your staff will learn “WHAT” failed, “WHY” it failed, and “HOW” the failure can be prevented. Understanding these principles (WHAT, WHY and HOW) will allow an individual to diagnose and repair more complex problems. The Web Based Classroom also contains pre-tests, test-outs, and final examinations. Simply put, your staff can learn how things work, develop specific skills, take assessments, earn a certificate, or earn an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Apartment Technology.

The Web Based Classroom also contains employer administrative tools; e.g.: a designated administrator can manage user accounts, assign courses and/or workshops, create assignment rules, run reports, etc.  Basically, that individual can manage every aspect of employee development.

Unlimited access to the Online Training Center is available by subscription. The monthly cost is just 70 cent/unit. Your entire staff (including cleaners, grounds-men, punch-out workers, service technicians, supervisors, floaters, trainers, leasing agents, property managers, security personnel, maintenance directors, etc) can have unlimited access to the program and can earn a degree. For example, a 300 unit apartment community would have a base rate of $0.70/unit.  When calculated, the monthly charge would be $210/month. But the deal gets better; the rate is reduced 5 cents after each year of uninterrupted service, until a discount of 25 cents/unit is achieved.

1st Year  -  300 units  x  $0.70/unit  =  $210/month  
2nd Year -  300 units  x  $0.65/unit  =  $195/month  
3rd Year  -  300 units  x  $0.60/unit  =  $180/month  
4th Year  -  300 units  x  $0.55/unit  =  $165/month  
5th Year  -  300 units  x  $0.50/unit  =  $150/month  

Management firms with smaller operating budgets can opt-out the Web Based Classroom module and obtain unlimited access to the [1] Online Technical Support, [2] Virtual Coffee House, and [3] Q & A Bulletin Board modules for just 25 cent/unit. That is right, just 25 cent/unit/month.  For example, 300 units x $0.25/unit = $75/month.

Individual subscriptions (for homeowners, handymen, inspectors, contractors, etc.) are available at $250/year.

As previously mentioned, the AC/C TECH Online Training Center is designed to take the guess work out of maintaining an apartment community and repairing equipment; however small, large, or unique. The program is also designed to support residential and apartment maintenance technicians, develop professionalism, and reduce maintenance expenditures. Unlike other maintenance programs, this program offers a true ROI for your training dollars.  The table below identifies examples where your organization can benefit.



ROI Dollars

Reduced Operating Costs      

   •  Repair & Maintenance




   •  Capital Expenditures




   •  Contractor Services




   •  Utilities




   •  Resident Retention




   •  Payroll (Overtime)




   •  Worker’s Compensation Insurance




Lowered Employee Turnover      

   •  Hard Costs




   •  Soft Costs




   •  Improved Maintenance Staff Morale




Increased Worker Productivity      

   •  Turnaround Time




   •  Accuracy




   •  Projects




Program Customization








Based on these figures, an organization will realize a $311.06 ROI per apartment unit.  Compared to the subscription fee ($0.70/unit/month  or $8.40/unit/year) the savings is huge and in some cases priceless.  You can save more than $300.00/unit/year.

Total ROI (for a 300 unit community) would be 300 units x $311.06 = $93,318.00 per year.

Note: Operating cost varies due to property class (A, B, or C), age, size, location, market, management philosophy, etc.; and therefore, we recommend that you calculate the savings applicable for your apartment community. 

ROI - Glossary of Terms
Reduced Operating Costs
Training is often an elusive benefit to measure.  Organizations can waste thousands of dollars training employees with little or no evidence of financial gain.  AC/C TECH training will greatly reduce your operating costs. 

Lowered Employee Turnover
Experts differ on the true cost of employee turnover.  Some suggest that every employee that leaves costs an organization between 6 months to a year and a half of that employee’s annual wage.  However, all will agree that employee turnover is costly.

Increased Worker Productivity
Employee performance appraisals often list subjective factors such as attendance, interpersonal relationships, and attitude.  However, the best measure of employee performance is the amount and quality of work they produce in a given period of time.  Here are a few key factors that should directly influence maintenance productivity. 

Program Customization
One of the most exciting features about this program is functionality and customization.  Your staff can pursue the training any time of the day, from any location, repeat the coursework, take assessments, earn a certification or degree, etc.  Employers' can manage user accounts, assign courses or workshops, create assignment rules, run reports, and more. 

As a final thought, the staff at AC/C TECH values all technicians.  We understand that high maintenance expenditures are a burden and we also understand that proper training is the solution. For those reasons, we will develop and post information that supports your operations, however unique. If you prefer something different, just give us a call and we will accommodate your request. 

To obtain additional information give us a call:  317-545-7071

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