The Apartment Maintenance Technology program is designed to help students begin a career as a maintenance technician. They will develop th" /> Apartment & Residential Technology
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Technical Certificate Programs
Apartment & Residential Technology
Tuition & Fees

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Tuition & Fees
Apartment & Residential Technology
8 Courses @ $250 Each

Required Books
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Technology 8th Edition
by Whitman, Johnson and Tomczyk
ISBN 978-130-557-8296  

Required General Tools
Plastic Tool Box with Lock, 25 Ft. Tape Measure, 16 oz Hammer, Utility (Box) Knife, 15" Utility Bar, Phillips & Standard Screw Driver Set, 6 in 1 Screw Driver, 12" Adjustable Wrench, 12" Channel Locks, 10" Slip Joint Pliers, 8" Needle Nose Pliers, 8" Lineman Pliers, Torpedo Level, Wire Strippers, Wire Rippers & Gauge, GFI Receptacle Tester, 6" Drywall Taping Knife, and Hand Sander or Sanding block.

Required Specialty Tools
VOM Meter - fused protected, 2 Pocket Thermometers (range -10 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit), Manifold Pressure Gauge Set, Refrigeration Service Wrench, Telescopic Inspection Mirror, and Furnace Brush.

Required Safety Equipment
Cloth Gloves, Eye Protection and Dust Masks


Total Cost   $2,747.82  

Program Information           Tuition & Fees           Course Descriptions

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