The Smart Home Technology program is designed to help students develop technical knowledge and skills related to the installa" /> Smart Home Technology
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Smart Home Technology
Course Descriptions

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SHT101 - Smart Home Technology I

This course develops skills in automating a home. The students will learn how to install and control a security, surveillance, lighting, stereo, HVAC, programmable thermostat, phone, motion detection, vehicle detection, irrigation, pool, and spa system. More importantly, they will learn how to install the devices without causing damage to the home.

SHT102 - Smart Home Technology II

This course develops skills in viewing and/or controlling automated devices in a home via the internet.  The students will learn about interface options and software application necessary to monitor the devices remotely from any computer that has an internet connection, or from any Smartphone/PDA.  

SHT103 - Designing Home Theater Systems

This course develops skills in establishing a home theater system. Students will learn details about video applications, audio systems, lighting plans, and seating arrangements.  Also, students will learn specifications of AV receivers, speakers, speaker arrangements and mounting plans, subwoofers, music enhancers, Blu-ray disc players, etc.  Understanding specifications will allow students to design and obtain a system pursuant to a budget. 

SHT104 - Computer Hardware Applications

This course develops skills in understanding the function of computer hardware; e.g.: motherboard, hard drive, floppy drive, power supply, monitor, video display controller, removable media devices, memory, sound card, networking devices, and other peripherals.   Students will also learn about hardware options for smart home technology applications.

SHT105 - Computer Software Applications

This course develops skills in utilizing computer software. Students will learn how to prepare various type documents by utilizing a word processor and/or electronic spreadsheet.  Moreover, the students will gain exposure to utilizing the internet.  They will also learn computer terminology, other software applications, and more.

Program Information           Tuition & Fees           Course Descriptions

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